このパーティーの開催で、ベンチュラのコミュニティは素晴らしいという事さを知る事ができました。土曜日の夜、ベンチュラのSinging Sun Coffeeで、サンタバーバラ出身のアーティストでサーファーでもあるD.J.ハビエのアートワークを使用した新しいOutside Setsコレクションの発売を祝いました。

これまでセントラル・カリフォルニアにはあまり馴染みがありませんでしたが、今回のパーティーではまたここに戻ってきたくなるような理由ができました。Seoul on Sixthでは、これまでに食べたことのないような最高のストリートタコスが提供され、ビルを囲むように行列ができていました。一方、暖を取りたい人たちは店内に入り、音楽やTopa Topaのビール、Singing Sunのコーヒー、壁一面に飾られたD.J. ハビエのアートを楽しみました。

また、展示されたOutside Sets コレクションの他に、約36枚のランチトレイ(ボディサーフィン用の器具)にプリントされたサイン入りアートの販売もされました。


If there's anything we learned from throwing this party it's that the Ventura community shows up. Saturday night we headed to Singing Sun Coffee in Ventura to celebrate the launch of our new Outside Sets Collection featuring artwork by Santa Barbara-based artist, surfer and all around good vibes guy, D.J. Javier.
We haven't spent much time in Central CA in the past but this party gave us every reason to want to come back. Seoul on Sixth served up some of the best street tacos we've ever had with a line that practically wrapped around the building. Meanwhile, those that wanted to keep warm packed themselves into the shop where they enjoyed music, beers by Topa Topa, coffee by Singing Sun & D.J.s art that covered the walls. Alongside the Outside Sets Collection that was displayed, D.J. doodle-dazzled about 36 lunch trays (AKA body surfing devices) and signed a handful of prints of his artwork that were available for purchase the night of the show. It was the perfect mix of food, drinks, music and art. Not to mention the crowd the party drew was one you just want to be a part of. We can't thank the Ventura community enough for that. It was epic getting to meet not only everyone involved in the surf scene up there, but everyone involved in their own creative pursuits that seemingly (and harmoniously) intertwined as well. Flip through some of the photos above for a glimpse of the night. Until next time.
Photos by Jake Riffle